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Welcome to the Pike County Genealogy and History Network website.

Preserving the history of Pike County is important to me, and I encourage you to contribute your knowledge and share your experiences so the past will be preserved for future generations.

This website will reflect not only my interests, but yours. It will be what we make it. It is free to all, no fees, or log-in required.

What can you do to help? You can help by documenting a cemetery; interviewing your oldest living relative; transcribing minutes from churches, scanning or photocopying old Bibles, or by "adopting" a family surname. There are many ways to help develop this website and make it the best source of genealogy and historical information on Pike County.

Please consider all the information on this website as a lead, not an answer. Please check back for updates, as information changes when new research is completed.
I do not personally verify the information that is submitted. You should verify any and all information that is important to you.